The function of an external lightning protection system is to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to earth.
Without such a system a building’s structure, electronic systems and the people working around or within it are all at risk.

SK ENGINEERING is a design consultant and contractor for lightning protection systems and grounding projects in Bangladesh.





As a contractor, we design, present and install external and internal lightning protection systems, both active and passive, conventional protection (such as Franklin and Faraday cage) or modern lightning protection systems such as radius, electrostatic and even radioactive types, for the industrial sector, buildings such as buildings high-rise buildings, hospitals, or for sports fields such as golf courses or driving range, as well as appropriate earthing systems.


Consultants and contractors services can be services in the form of installation of simple lightning protection system with uncomplicated technical considerations, or it can even be a large project that requires a site survey, evaluation, assessment, review, and/or in-depth study first. For more details please contact with us.


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